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Declaration by Leo Tindemans, Belgian Minister for External Relations and President in office of the Council, on political cooperation in Europe
- 2082-03-10 23:00:00
Declaration by Leo Tindemans, Belgian Minister for External Relations and President in office of the Council, on political cooperation in Europe
Visit of Gaston Thorn to the United States
- 2081-07-12 22:00:00
Gaston Thorn, President of the CEC, made an official visit to the United States, where he met Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, and Alexander Haig, US Secretary of State.
Automotive Hungary 2017 Expo Opens In Budapest
- 2017-10-18 15:00:00
The development of Hungary’s automotive industry will rely on systems integration involving the Visegrad Group of countries, Economy Minister Mihály Varga said, opening the Automotive Hungary 2017 expo in Budapest on Wednesday.
US Chargé d’affaires addresses media challenges in Hungary head-on – The Budapest Beacon
news - 2017-10-18 13:51:48
ChargĂ© d’affaires David Kostelancik of the US Embassy in Hungary held a press conference Tuesday morning at the headquarters of the Hungarian Association of Journalists with a speech entitled “Freedom of the Press: Enduring Values in a Dynamic Media Environment.” Kostelancik’s remarks highlight a visible shift in the US Embassy’s willingness to directly address Hungary’s […]
British political risk: When the revolution eats itself
- 2017-10-18 11:49:28
Main image:  WHEN a revolution happens, the consequences are not obvious straight away. The British referendum on EU membership in June 2016 was seen as a revolt of ordinary people against a globalised elite. The politicians who led the Leave campaign did not seem to expect to win. As wags remarked, they were like “the dog that caught the car”.This helps to explain the general chaos that has enveloped British policy since the result. The Leave campaign had contained two contradictions. The first was that Britain could have all the advantages of EU membership without the bother of actually belonging; the country could “have its cake and eat it” as Boris Johnson, Leave campaigner and now foreign secretary put it. The second was the split between the free market, Liberal brexiteers, who envisaged Britain as open to the world, and the nativist camp led by Nigel Farage.Theresa May, who took office as prime minister in the wake of the referendum, has struggled to reconcile these camps. It took Britain a long time to trigger the Article 50 process for leaving the EU and the talks have since got bogged down (as Leavers insisted they wouldn't be) on issues such as the size of the financial commitments Britain should continue to meet. Impatience is rising and the leadership is turning on itself. One camp ...
Constitutional Court: sale of Natura 2000 property unconstitutional
news - 2017-10-18 11:38:32
The Constitutional Court has ruled that the current regulation of the sale and utilisation of “Natura 2000” lands breaches the basic law. Farmland classified as “Natura 2000” can be farmed only by observing specific environmental requirements to preserve wildlife in the area. The government has sold large expanses of “Natura 2000” lands as part of […]
Foreign minister: ties with Serbia best among neighbouring countries
news - 2017-10-18 11:32:12
Hungary has the best diplomatic and economic relations with Serbia out of all its neighbouring countries. Serbia is also Hungary’s top economic partner in the western Balkans, PĂ©ter SzijjártĂł, the foreign affairs and trade minister, said after a meeting of the Hungarian-Serbian mixed economic committee in Subotica (Szabadka). The committee discussed the upgrade of the […]
Parliament extends deadline to comply with higher education law though CEU has done so
news - 2017-10-18 11:20:47
Lawmakers amended Hungary’s higher education law to extend the deadline for foreign universities and colleges operating in the country to meet the law’s criteria to January 1, 2019. Hungary tightened rules governing the operations of foreign universities in the country in the spring, requiring foreign colleges and universities in Hungary to operate on the basis […]
Constitutional Court: National Land Fund rules unconstitutional
news - 2017-10-18 10:52:02
The Constitutional Court said that some rules governing National Land Fund assets breach Hungary’s fundamental law. Lawmaker Benedek R. Sallai of green LMP and 51 other opposition lawmakers had turned to the court, complaining that parts of the law regulating the National Land Fund were unconstitutional and written post-hoc to justify sales connected with the […]
Hungarian parliament rejects motion on adoption of the euro – Hungarian Free Press
news - 2017-10-18 10:39:30
On Tuesday, Hungary’s parliament voted against a motion brought forward by independent MP Zsuzsanna SzelĂ©nyi calling on the government to begin the formal process of replacing the forint with the euro as the country’s currency. The goal of Ms. SzelĂ©nyi’s motion was to express that parliament is committed to adopting the euro and confirming that […]
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