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Flavours and scents of the Banat
Euro-region - 23-12-2011 10:52:30
The closing conference of the project “Flavours and scents of the Deliblat sand ridge” was held in Alibunar in Serbia.
Băile Herculane will be renewed
Euro-region - 30-11-2011 10:37:09
The Romanian government accepted the co-financing agreement of the pilot project aiming at the renovation of Băile Herculane.
Santa Claus visited Timişoara
Euro-region - 23-12-2011 10:26:54
Santa Claus appeared in the centre of Timişoara on Thursday, on the balcony of the National Opera.
Hódmezővásárhely is a biker friendly town
Euro-region - 23-12-2011 10:15:24
Hódmezővásárhely has won the title “Biker friendly settlement 2011” announced by the Ministry of National Development.
The new bath of Kecskemét opened
Euro-region - 23-12-2011 10:08:01
The pilot operation of loading of the new Kecskemét Bath, constructed from HUF 6.4 billion, started on Friday.
Smoking is prohibited on trains and the surroundings
Euro-region - 30-11-2011 10:04:49
It will be forbidden to smoke at railway stations, stops, platforms and on every passenger train in Hungary from 1 January.
A new life began 22 years ago
Euro-region - 22-12-2011 10:59:37
The Radio Timişoara, sentenced to muteness by the communist regime 22 years ago, restarted their transmission on 22 December 1989.
Victims of the 1989 revolution were remembered in Arad too
Euro-region - 22-12-2011 10:47:31
The series of events started yesterday at 7:38 at the Church Clock where the revolutionists remembered moments of the outbreak of the Arad Revolution.
The visit of Serbian Romanians in Reşiţa
Euro-region - 22-12-2011 10:22:50
The delegation of the Cultural Institute of Banat Romanians living in Serbia made a visit in Caras-Severin County
The Romanian Saint Nicholas cathedral of Gyula has been consecrated again
Euro-region - 22-12-2011 10:11:49
The Romanian orthodox church received new insulation and floor coverage from approximately twenty million forints.
After the stages of the world now in Timişoara
Euro-region - 21-12-2011 10:59:39
The unique national tour of the “three divas” arrives to Timişoara today.
Illegal migrants at the Serbian-Romanian border
Euro-region - 21-12-2011 10:55:38
The Timişoara border police arrested 20 persons during the weekend who wanted to cross the Romanian border illegally.
The Betlehem flame in Timişoara
Euro-region - 21-12-2011 10:46:19
The saint flame of Betlehem will arrive to Timişoara on Thursday though Jimbolia and Caransebeş.
Rewarding people behind the stage
Euro-region - 21-12-2011 10:39:46
The Hungarian Theatre Prizes will be awarded in the framework of a festive gala program on Thursday to the best representatives of the theatrical background professions in the Jókai Theatre of Békéscsaba.
There will be electricity in every flat during the holidays
Euro-region - 21-12-2011 10:25:27
The EDF-Démász Zrt. will not disconnect the electricity service during the holiday season at private clients’ places where otherwise this would be well-founded because of the amount of debts.
Hydro-meteorological network of measurement and centre in the Homokhátság micro region
Euro-region - 21-12-2011 10:16:53
A hydro-meteorological network of measurement has been established on the Homokhátság (Sand Ridge) with EU support.
Aid to the hospital of Lugoj
Euro-region - 20-12-2011 10:35:05
A new aid shipment arrived from Germany to the municipal hospital of Lugoj.
Increasing traffic at border crossing stations
Euro-region - 20-12-2011 10:28:30
The border police carrying out duty on the western part of Romania are prepared for accepting the increased passenger transport of the winter festivities.
20 December 1989 – Timişoara is the first free town in Romania
Euro-region - 20-12-2011 10:21:29
Musical programs and colourful plays of light will be held today on the occasion that Timişoara was the first free town in Romania 22 years ago.
No more performances in the truss theatre of the Dóm Square of Szeged
Euro-region - 20-12-2011 10:11:57
The truss theatre erected in the centre of the Christmas fair of the Dóm (cathedral) Square collapsed on Monday.
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