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Charter flights from Timisoara.
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:03:10
The first holiday charter flights start from the Traian Vuia international airport of Timisoara.
Romania lags behind with the construction of the Nagylak-Arad motorway
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:00:51
The Bucharest government has drawn up a decree that Romania would sign the agreement about connecting the motorways of Arad-Nagylak and Budapest-Szeged-Csan√°dpalota
The Canadian Falcon and the Makó Gas Field
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 15:59:34
The Canadian Falcon makes another attempt to bring the gas stocks of Makó to the surface
Parking ticket problems
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 15:58:10
The parking season tickets issued in Timisoara will only be applicable in Szeged for cars with Hungarian license plates after the payment of a registration fee
Joint projects of hospitals
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 15:57:40
The Arad County Hospital and the Békés County Kálmán Pándy Hospital cooperate in the field of emergency medical care and diagnostics
Regional agri-logistics integrated system
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 15:56:11
Gheorghe Ciuhandu, the Mayor of Timisoara introduced the Romanian-Hungarian EU project worth more than EUR one million entitled ‚ÄúRegional agri-logistics integrated system‚ÄĚ
37 km long cycle track on the bank of the Bega River,
Euro-region - 01-01-2011 15:06:25
Members of the General Assembly of Timis County have made a decision that the General Assembly should take part in the project aiming at the construction of a 37 km long cycle track on the bank of the Bega River, connecting Timisoara with Zrenjanin
The Mercedes-Benz will present their new B class automobile
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 14:05:25
The Mercedes-Benz will present their new B class automobile to be produced in Kecskemét as well at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.
Preparations of the M43 motorway
Euro-region - 01-08-2011 14:21:11
The construction of the M43 motorway to the Hungarian-Romanian border is in calculable proximity now.
Last year more than 32 million foreigners lived in the EU
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 14:06:11
In 2010 the foreigners made up 6.5% of the total population of the European Union.
Decisions about the M43 motorway
Euro-region - 20-08-2011 16:44:33
The Hungarian and the Romanian government have agreed to have Makó, Csanádpalota and the border of the two countries connected by motorways by 2013 as well
Joint priject of the universities
Euro-region - 20-08-2011 16:40:08
The University of Szeged and the Western University of Timisoara have launched a joint project, with the help of which they create a joint molecular database.
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