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Safety at work – with European eyes
Euro-region - 05-09-2011 13:34:21
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Csongrád County organises a free seminar entitled “Safety at work in Europe” on 15 September.
Almost five thousand wine glasses clinked
Euro-region - 05-09-2011 13:02:44
Almost five thousand persons (only eleven were missing to reach this number) raised their glasses to clink in three settlements of Bács-Kiskun County on Sunday at four o’clock
The number of captured border trespassers has increased
Euro-region - 04-09-2011 13:28:21
The number of border trespassers captured by the officials of the Local Office of the Szeged Border Police has increased with fifteen percents compared to the previous year
One month festival for the wines of the Arad wine-district
Euro-region - 03-09-2011 13:27:16
The “5th Arad Wine-district Festival” starts this week-end
Selective waste collection, composting in the South Great Plain
Euro-region - 03-09-2011 12:41:36
The Homokhátság (Sand Ridge) Regional Waste Management Local Government Association has been established with the participation of eighty-two settlements of Csongrád, Bács-Kiskun and Baranya Counties
Cross-border buffalo project
Euro-region - 03-09-2011 12:33:17
Mórahalom and Pecica implements a joint “buffalo project” with EU support of EUR 600.000
The knights of Vajdahunyad revive medieval atmosphere
Euro-region - 02-09-2011 13:04:23
The emphasis will be laid on medieval crafts and arts in the framework of the series of events to be organised in the castle of the Hunyadies next week
Faster border crossing for animals
Euro-region - 02-09-2011 12:43:19
The border crossing station at Röszke has some of the 25 chip readers, offered by the White Cross Animal Protection League to the National Tax and Customs Authority
Jubilee fish festival in Szeged
Euro-region - 02-09-2011 12:20:40
Two-hundred quintals of fish is expected to be cooked and fried during the jubilee, 15th International Tisza Fish Festival
Border violation on the Romanian-Hungarian frontier
Euro-region - 01-09-2011 14:01:06
A 29 year old Tunisian young man was caught crossing the border illegally on the Hungarian-Romanian border section
Together to prevent natural disasters
Euro-region - 01-09-2011 13:58:10
“Forecast and monitoring of natural disasters” is the title of the project implemented by the Timis County General Assembly in the framework of the Romania-Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program
The buffalo stock of Dévaványa refreshed from Arad County
Euro-region - 01-09-2011 13:44:27
The Kris-Mures National Park has bought two buffalo bulls from Arad County to avoid inbreeding
Supports for development
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:40:30
In the framework of the National Rural Development Program 2007-2013 the Fishery and Rural Development Payment Agency supports the development of professional and rural development activities from non refundable European sources
Post Museum in Timisoara
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:27:21
This year Timisoara grew richer with yet another museum
Establishment of a Roma Service Centre
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:26:10
The “Establishment of a Roma Service Centre” project won by the Intercultural Institution of Timisoara and three Mayor’s Offices in the Banat of Serbia was implemented this year in the framework of the Romania-Serbia Cross-border Program
6451 accepted Romanian projects
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:25:11
Romania utilised EU funds of altogether 4.6 billion lei in 2010, equal to EUR 1.1 billion, which is twice as much as the sum before 2007-2009
Timis County: more than half of the export of the region
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:23:50
Timis County belongs to the vanguard of exporters on a national level, being third after Bucharest and ArgeĹź
Water comes from Arad
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:10:11
In three years’ time the tap water will be potable again in 179 settlements of the South Great Plain
Romanian settlements in the border region
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:06:54
The number of settlers coming from Romania has increased in several settlements in the border region of the South Great Plain
The honorary consulate of Bulgaria has opened in Timisoara
Euro-region - 21-08-2011 16:06:07
The fourteenth diplomatic representation, the honorary consulate of Bulgaria has opened in Timisoara
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