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Vintage in Vršac
Euro-region - 17-09-2011 14:10:44
The Vintage Days are organised this week-end in Vršac of Vojvodina
The number of internet subscriptions has risen with one fifth in Hungary
Euro-region - 17-09-2011 13:33:21
The number of internet subscriptions surpassed 3.4 million at the end of March 2011; this is 20 percent more than in the same period of 2010
Citizens of Timisoara called to parish-feast
Euro-region - 16-09-2011 15:08:20
The event will be organised in the Park of Roses on 17-18 September and it coincides with the festivity of the patron saint of the “Saint Joseph of Partos” Cathedral.
In times of crisis people drink more
Euro-region - 15-09-2011 12:56:22
The Romanian spent the most on cigarettes, alcohol, food and soft drink during the time of economic of crisis – as disclosed by the analysis prepared by the A.T. Kearney
The number of mobile phone subscriptions has decreased in Hungary
Euro-region - 15-09-2011 12:28:27
The number of subscriptions has decreased with 161 thousand, but the total time spent with making calls has increased by 3%.
Celebrities at the Festival of Hearts
Euro-region - 14-09-2011 14:36:25
The celebrities of the world of arts and sports will be awaited in Timisoara for the week-end
The post office opened 150 years ago in Csorvás, Békés County
Euro-region - 14-09-2011 13:33:26
On the occasion of the anniversary a festive commemoration will be held on Saturday and an exhibition will open in the local community house
The Dóm Square of Szeged becomes a Wine space from tomorrow
Euro-region - 13-09-2011 12:22:12
The Wine space of the Dóm (cathedral) Square would like to promote cultivated wine consumption
Regional meeting of pharmacists
Euro-region - 12-09-2011 14:40:23
The sixth review of the regional events of pharmacists and assistants organised in Gyula by the Houston Farma Practic was attended by altogether two-hundred pharmacists from Timis, Arad, Hunead, Caras-Severin, Groj and Mehedinţi Counties
The DKMT Rescue Team on exercise
Euro-region - 12-09-2011 14:30:05
The joint catastrophe prevention team of the DKMT Euroregion held a three-day exercise during the week-end in Szeged
Cleaning ten kilograms of onion in less eight minutes
Euro-region - 12-09-2011 14:10:30
Mrs. Sztojkó, the winner of the onion cleaning contest, organised in the framework of the week-end international onion cleaning contest, cleaned 10 kilograms of onion in less than 8 minutes
Preparation for the census
Euro-region - 11-09-2011 12:32:00
The census will be held between 1 and 31 October 2011 in Hungary, preparation for the registration will also start in Békés County on Monday
The national hunting day was organised in Baja, in the garden of the archiepiscopal palace
Euro-region - 11-09-2011 12:01:33
According to Zsolt Semjén, Deputy Prime Minister, the chief objective is to repair the honour of hunting.
Visiting neighbours without detour
Euro-region - 10-09-2011 14:34:51
The Romanian-Hungarian border crossing station between Dombegyháza and Variasu Mic is temporarily open on 10 September, Saturday
Theatre in the school
Euro-region - 10-09-2011 13:54:00
The Cellar Theatre of Szeged takes the world of the theatre closer to nursery-school children and pupils with the help of performances, study circles and special lessons for talented children in a playful form, in the framework of a one year program implemented with EU support
Action against illegal border trespasses is effective
Euro-region - 10-09-2011 12:32:11
The number of captured border trespassers increased significantly in the first eight months compared to the similar period of last year on the area of competence of the Szeged Office of the Border Police
22nd Agromalim
Euro-region - 09-09-2011 14:02:06
Laying the foundations of the third hall of the Expo Arad Internaţional was started on Thursday, which is constructed from European funds as part of a Romanian-Hungarian project
Hungary’s growth has stopped
Euro-region - 09-09-2011 13:37:47
The gross domestic product (GDP) of Hungary stagnated in the second quarter of this year as compared to the previous quarter, and it grew with 1.5 percent compared to the figure a year ago – stated the Central Statistical Office (CSO) based on the detailed data on Friday.
Through the green border by car
Euro-region - 07-09-2011 12:44:20
Two adults and two children crossed the Hungarian-Romanian borders Monday morning illegally, near Lökösháza
Another group of illegal immigrants were arrested in Arad County
Euro-region - 05-09-2011 13:55:02
The patrols of the Local Office of the Nădlac Border Police have arrested a group of nine immigrants coming from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco
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