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DKMT Noutati 
The aim was to promote the touristic attractive force of the region
Euro-region - 30-09-2011 12:10:05
Wine of the Euroregion: journalist coming from Western and Central Europe travelled through the route of Kadarka, beer and brandy in Hungary and Serbia.
Pancake making record in ZsombĂł
Euro-region - 28-09-2011 13:57:22
Csaba Gyenes, the Roman Catholic vicar of ZsombĂł made pancakes with forty-eight pans at the same time
Excellent quality pepper yield in Szeged this year
Euro-region - 28-09-2011 12:40:02
Producers around Szeged can harvest the best quality and quantity of paprika yield of the past 50 years
Hungarian, Croatian and Serbian water management experts met in Baja
Euro-region - 27-09-2011 13:57:10
The other day they covered the section of the Danube – between Dunaföldvár and Vukovar – having common importance from the point of view of protection against ice, in the framework of the trilateral cooperation
On the route of wines
Euro-region - 27-09-2011 13:40:10
The wine route of the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisza Euroregion is visited by French, Danish, Czech, Serbian, Romanian and Hungarian journalists
Illegal migrants at the Romanian-Serbian border
Euro-region - 26-09-2011 11:55:00
Border guards carrying out their service in SeleuČ™ and Beba Veche in Timis County caught 8 migrants at the week-end who crossed the Romanian-Serbian green border illegally
Clear road to Muntele Mic
Euro-region - 25-09-2011 14:23:50
After five years the road leading to the Muntele Mic will be passable again in winter as well
Successful “Handshake” program
Euro-region - 25-09-2011 14:10:00
Computerised lecture-rooms and study gardens were established due to the “Handshake” program in settlements along the Serbian-Hungarian border.
Romanian businessmen in Serbia
Euro-region - 24-09-2011 12:50:20
A few days ago a group of Caras-Severin businessmen participated at the conference in the centre of the Serbian Barincevo district, in Pozarevac, assessing the possibilities to launch entrepreneurial activities on the territory of the neighbouring country
Banat brandy festival
Euro-region - 23-09-2011 15:03:20
The citizens of Timisoara are invited to the brandy festival on Thursday, on the day of Saint Peter the Great
Joint catastrophe prevention exercise of the soldiers of four nations
Euro-region - 23-09-2011 13:51:21
The flood catastrophe prevention exercise entitled the “Fair avalanche 2011” of the joint Hungarian-Romanian-Slovakian-Ukrainian Tisza Multinational Construction Battalion ended
Scientists cooperating without borders
Euro-region - 23-09-2011 13:34:03
A cross-border research development cooperation has been established between the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Biological Research Centre of Szeged and the University of Novi Sad
Digital relief map of the bed of the Tisza River
Euro-region - 22-09-2011 12:03:20
Hungarian and Serbian experts will prepare the digital, three-dimensional relief map of the section of the Tisza between Csongrád and the Danube in the framework of a EUR 270 thousand project with European Union support
The money is available – the excavation continues on the M43 motorway
Euro-region - 21-09-2011 14:10:44
Since the Centre for the Protection of National Heritage paid the money due for the work of April and May to the Ferenc MĂłra Museum, the excavation continues on the track of the M43 Motorway leading from MakĂł to the border.
The Muntele Mic awaits skiers
Euro-region - 20-09-2011 13:21:40
The base of the first supporting pillar of the new ski-lift was cast on the Muntele Mic situated in Caras-Severin County. The 900 meter long ski-lift can be used by 1800 skiers an hour.
"HURO-FEST" on the main square of Debrecen
Euro-region - 20-09-2011 12:43:07
The "HURO-FEST" organised on 21 September 2011 at 13:00 on the main square of Debrecen also give insight into the ongoing and successfully implemented projects of the Hungary-Romania Cross-border Cooperation Program 2007-2013
HUF 8 million for the procurement of new equipment
Euro-region - 20-09-2011 12:10:02
Excellent quality hand field-glasses, telescopes and GPS equipment to survey the bird stock of the border region
Smuggling cigarettes and alcohol
Euro-region - 19-09-2011 15:36:51
The border police of Caras-Severin confiscated 55 liters of alcohol and 18.600 cigarettes without tax stamps at the external borders of the European Union, between Romania and Serbia
On foot in Arad
Euro-region - 19-09-2011 15:12:43
Within the series of events of the European Year of Mobility the Environment Protection Agency and the Mayor’s Office of Arad introduce the possibility of alternative transport in the town between 16 and 22 September
Citizens of Szeged can park in front of the county hall with their bicycles as well
Euro-region - 19-09-2011 14:55:20
A bicycle rack with 40 places, necessary for parking, was inaugurated in front of the county hall of Szeged during the week-end
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