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Touristic sights of our region seen by the world
Euro-region - 20-06-2012 08:16:48
Journalists from eight countries of Europe – Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Romania – visit the Romanian and Hungarian touristic sights of the DKMT Euroregion.
Heat alarm in Western Romania as well until Friday
Euro-region - 19-06-2012 08:08:22
The heat comfort index reaches the critical limit value of 80 and even surpasses it slightly.
The heat expected to continue in our region
Euro-region - 18-06-2012 08:12:50
The temperature may rise to 33-35 degrees in Bács-Kiskun, Csongrád and Békés County in the first days of the week.
People have to be brought close to each other along the border
Euro-region - 09-06-2012 08:21:00
Apart from the Hungarian DKMT Puc., five further European – Greek, Bulgarian, German, Spanish and Portuguese – organisations participate in the SCULTBORD project entitled Spreading culture along the border, financed from Grundtvig sources.
Spreading culture along borders
Euro-region - 08-06-2012 08:14:00
The DKMT Non-profit Public Utility Ltd. holds a press conference in Szeged today about the Scultbord project financed from Grundtvig sources.
Free crossing at the Triplex Confinium
Euro-region - 27-05-2012 08:02:22
On the occasion of the Day of the Danube-Cris-Mures-Tisza Euroregion, the temporary border crossing station keeps open today at Beba Veche.
Day of the Danube-Cris-Mures-Tisza Euroregion
Euro-region - 26-05-2012 08:11:07
The Day of the Danube-Cris-Mures-Tisza Euroregion is celebrated this year as well at the Triplex Confinium memorial, at the triple border of Hungary, Romania and Serbia.
European grouping for territorial cooperation
Euro-region - 26-05-2012 08:06:55
The Valley of the Cris Rivers Limited Liability European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation was established in Gyula this week.
The Day of Szeged is greeted with a ten-day festival
Euro-region - 17-05-2012 08:04:22
The 17th Szeged Wine Festival and the series of ceremonies greeting the Day of Szeged start with the march of wine orders on Friday.
The “Nădlac Television” broadcasts programs
Euro-region - 16-05-2012 08:14:20
The Mayor’s Office of Nădlac – the Arad County town with 7 thousand inhabitants – inaugurated an internet based television yesterday, while many local inhabitants do not have a computer.
ERNA introduced to its users
Euro-region - 15-05-2012 08:10:28
The Intercultural Institute of Timişoara and partners of the “ERNA - EuroRegional News Aggregator” project held a workshop discussion in Timişoara on Monday.
Tornado in Orosháza
Euro-region - 08-05-2012 08:02:54
On Monday little before 19.00 the town plunged into an almost early evening darkness then there was a cloud burst.
Interethnic dialogue
Euro-region - 26-04-2012 09:07:20
Hungarian days are organised in Hunead County during the weekend.
There were visitors in Lugoj
Euro-region - 13-04-2012 08:14:37
There was one Serbian and one Montenegrin delegation in Lugoj this week.
Have a nice holiday!
Euro-region - 08-04-2012 08:05:37
We wish a merry Easter to the citizens of the DKMT Euroregion who celebrate the Resurrection now.
Easter at the Greek Catholics of Szeged
Euro-region - 08-04-2012 08:00:29
The almost 1500 Greek Catholic believers living in Szeged also celebrate the largest feast of Christianity.
For15 years on the wavelength of Europe
Euro-region - 28-03-2012 09:24:07
The Radio Timişoara organises the Day of Euroregional Radio for the second time. On the occasion of the event they will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the program Pe undele Europei / Európa hullámhosszán / Na talasima Evrope (On the wavelength of Europe) of the Timişoara, Subotica and Szeged radios.
The daily Hungarian heat record fell in Szeged
Euro-region - 19-03-2012 10:18:17
25.5 degrees Celsius was measured in the outskirts of the town on the bank of the River Tisza on Saturday.
Roan antelopes arrived at the Szeged Zoo
Euro-region - 11-03-2012 10:10:04
Roan antelopes (Hippotragus equinus) arrived at the Szeged Zoo.
Help for engaged couples
Euro-region - 09-03-2012 10:27:26
Another marriage exhibition and fair is organised at the Regional Trade Centre of Timişoara.
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