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Three Romanians injured in the accident in Hungary have been brought to Timisoara
Traffic - 06-09-2013 23:00:00
Three people injured in the accident that took place in Hungary at the end of last month have been brought in the country ÔÇô two men and a little girl, all seriously injured but stable.
The motorway still keeps us waiting
Traffic - 20-06-2012 08:14:07
The Hungarian authorities have suspended the construction works of the Mak├│-N─âdlac motorway connecting Romania with the west.
Water is distributed at MÁV stations
Traffic - 19-06-2012 08:10:03
Water is distributed from today at large railway stations because of the extreme heat.
Summer railway timetable in Hungary
Traffic - 18-06-2012 08:25:40
Trains run in line with the summer timetable from 16 June, it will have the largest significance for railway services around the Balaton.
More people fly
Traffic - 17-06-2012 08:17:06
The number of travellers using air-lines slightly increased in Romania last year.
Traffic restarted on one lane on the Csongrád road
Traffic - 16-06-2012 08:15:38
On the Szeged exit section of the Csongrád road, connecting the town with the M43 motorway, reconstruction works still continue, therefore the traffic can only move in altering directions, on one lane.
Weekend traffic restriction
Traffic - 14-06-2012 08:08:50
The Regional Public Road Management of Timi┼čoara introduces a traffic restriction on the Ilia-Arad section of the main road No. 7.
Railway lines between Timi┼čoara and Belgrade
Traffic - 13-06-2012 08:18:08
The Serbian and the Romanian railways have started two pairs of trains on the Timi┼čoara- Vr┼íac-Belgrade line.
The time of passage between Szeged and Vásárhely is 30 minutes
Traffic - 09-06-2012 08:24:05
The feasibility study of the tramtrain planned for the Szeged-H├│dmez┼Ĺv├ís├írhely line has been prepared.
New railway services
Traffic - 07-06-2012 21:17:20
Two new railway services will start this month on the Timi┼čoara, Vr┼íac and Belgrade line.
Transport-AR XIX
Traffic - 05-06-2012 08:23:47
The Expo Arad International organises the Transport-AR Fair between 7 and 10 June shoulder to shoulder with the National Association of Romanian Transporters, which is a unique event consecrated to Romanian public road transport.
Trains running through Serbia are late
Traffic - 03-06-2012 08:01:47
Trains running through Serbia have significant delays.
The new tram fleet was inaugurated in Szeged
Traffic - 28-05-2012 08:05:59
The tram fleet of the Polish PESA, bearing the fancy name Swing Szeged, was inaugurated within ceremonial settings on Saturday.
Road across the border
Traffic - 23-05-2012 08:22:34
A road is constructed between Gyula-D├ęnesmajor and Zerind from EU sources.
Solar energy in transport
Traffic - 21-05-2012 08:16:10
Traffic signs and advertisement boards operating with solar energy ÔÇô an innovation in Timi┼čoara unique in the country.
Vacation flights
Traffic - 13-05-2012 08:10:27
Another four charter flights will start from the Timi┼čoara international airport in the vacation season with weekly regularity.
The M43 has decreased the transit traffic of settlements
Traffic - 04-05-2012 08:07:53
The section of the M43 motorway between Szeged and Mak├│ met expectations and it significantly decreased transit traffic crossing settlements.
The Timi┼čoara-Lugoj motorway will be ready in the foreseeable future
Traffic - 02-05-2012 08:14:21
The first section of the Timi┼čoara-Lugoj motorway may be ready before deadline.
Increasing traffic at the Romanian-Hungarian border crossing stations
Traffic - 29-04-2012 08:17:28
With regard to the presumably increasing traffic of 1 May, the Arad border police have taken measures to make the traffic continuous.
The renovation works of the Arad-Curtici railway line started
Traffic - 19-04-2012 08:01:40
Gheorghe Falc─â, the Mayor of Arad announced on Wednesday that the renovation works of the Romanian border Curtici-Arad line and the modernisation works of the Arad railway station had started.
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