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An international conference on mediation in Roma communities in Europe will take place in Brussels on the 20th of October 2015.
- 01-10-2015 10:07:05
Romania has at present the most developed system of mediation in Roma communities, with several hundred school mediators and healthcare mediators employed in different types of public institutions in all counties. The Romanian experience in this field has been the basis of the endeavors carried out in the last ten years in this field by the Council of Europe and has also been exploited within the VET4ROMA project through the elaboration, by the specialists of our organizations, of professional training modules for mediators, which have been used within several courses organized in Belgium, Italy, Serbia and Spain.
Trening course for school mediators in Timisoara
- 25-05-2015 10:04:15
Between the 19th and 22nd of June 2015, the Intercultural Institute Timisoara and the Educational Assistance and Resources Centre “Speranta”, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, organize a pilot training course for a group of school mediators in order to test a training and certification methodology regarding school mediators’ competences, in line with the national legal provisions in the field and the recommendation of the Council of Europe regarding mediation in Roma communities. The course is developed within the VET4ROMA project, co-financed by the European Commission.
Training and certification of mediators working in Roma communities in Romania and Serbia
- 08-10-2014 10:01:20
Two organizations in Timisoara, the Intercultural Institute and the Educational Assistance and Resources Centre “Speranta” collaborate with the civic Association “Radovi U Toku” in Novi Sad as partners within a European project focused on the training and certification of mediators working in Roma communities.
A new porject on European mobilities
- 15-05-2014 12:12:28
Intercultural Institute Timisoara is partner in the project: MOB G.A.E - MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability.
Three Romanians injured in the accident in Hungary have been brought to Timisoara
- 06-09-2013 23:00:00
Three people injured in the accident that took place in Hungary at the end of last month have been brought in the country – two men and a little girl, all seriously injured but stable.
Timisoara Society sets up award in the memory of Oscar Berger
- 28-08-2013 23:00:00
Timisoara Society will set up the Civic Journalism Award Oscar Berger, which will be awarded at the end of each year to a Romanian journalist by a Jury made up of representatives of the Romanian and foreign mass-media, announces Florian Mihalcea, the president of Timisoara Society.
Artistic project about the bankruptcy of the factories of Timisoara
- 29-08-2013 23:00:00
Between 2nd and 15th of September 2013 Timisoara will host the event Awaiting Spaces II, organized by the Simultan Association in collaboration with the Association “Am o idée mai ARTfel”.
Fado concert in Timisoara
- 26-08-2013 23:00:00
The National Theater will host on 5 October an extraordinary concert by fado artist Ana Moura.
Timisoara has a new official promotional video
- 28-08-2013 23:00:00
The representatives of the City Hall presented Wednesday a short video to promote the city, including main touristic objectives such as the Cathedral, the Opera, Bega river and public squares. The specificity of the video is the fact that all these objectives are discovered during a bike ride in the city.
An association for the protection of the rights of patients is established in Timis County
- 27-08-2013 23:00:00
The purpose of this association is to promote and protect the rights of patients in Timis County and to represent them before institutions and organisations responsbile for medical care.
Touristic sights of our region seen by the world
- 20-06-2012 08:16:48
Journalists from eight countries of Europe – Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Romania – visit the Romanian and Hungarian touristic sights of the DKMT Euroregion.
The motorway still keeps us waiting
- 20-06-2012 08:14:07
The Hungarian authorities have suspended the construction works of the Makó-Nădlac motorway connecting Romania with the west.
Former and present teachers from the Banat
- 20-06-2012 08:11:52
The NVO Skola Plus Association organises the international conference entitled “Romanian school without borders” with the Association of Teachers from the Banat and the Association of Caras-Severin County teachers between 7 and 8 July.
TIMAGRALIM – jubilee exhibition
- 20-06-2012 08:07:34
The Timiş County Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and the Banat Agricultural and Veterinary University organise the TIMAGRALIM International Agricultural Fair between 22 and 24 June.
Jubilee of the Open University of the Vojvodina
- 20-06-2012 08:05:39
The Open University will be organised this year for the 10th time at the usual venue, in Mali Idos between 4 and 8 July.
There will be a Confucius Institute in Szeged from autumn
- 20-06-2012 08:03:41
The Confucius Institute popularising Chinese language and culture will open in Szege in October.
Munkácsy exhibition opens in Szeged
- 20-06-2012 08:01:33
Visitors may familiarise with every creative periods of Mihály Munkácsy at the exhibition opening in the Ferenc Móra Museum of Szeged on Saturday.
The policemen of Szeged take care of tourists as well
- 19-06-2012 08:14:09
The Police Headquarters of Szeged prepares for the tourist season with an increased presence of policemen – as it was announced in the town.
Demonstration for the RCI
- 19-06-2012 08:12:56
Artists protested by an on-line petition, street demonstrations and by wearing bow-ties in Romania because the new government had placed the institution operating as an umbrella organisation of Romanian cultural foreign representations, the network of Romanian Cultural Institutions under the senate.
Water is distributed at MÁV stations
- 19-06-2012 08:10:03
Water is distributed from today at large railway stations because of the extreme heat.
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